Musical Director:

Hugh Lincť


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Val Wood




Jeannette Collas





Friday 16 March, 

St Ouen's Parish Hall, 7.30 pm









































Guernsey 2006





Special Announcement


invite everyone to a special concert with

 Nanas Toniques 

from Coutances at Trinity Parish Hall on Friday 21st September


In 1994, a group of ladies got together with a shared vision. A new choir for female voices, performing a wide ranging repertoire.  Inspired by the recently formed Harmony Men, the group set about finding music, a conductor and a venue in which to rehearse.  Hugh Lincť was asked if he would be the choirís musical director and he has held this position from the start.

  Finding a suitable rehearsal room proved difficult at first and the early months were spent practising in a primary school classroom.  Monday evenings were spent perched on smaller than average chairs and singing along to a portable keyboard.  It was during this time that the choirís name was suggested by its musical director.  Concordia is the Latin word for harmony and also a Roman goddess, the personification of peace and goodwill.  Today, the choirís ethos remains unchanged, i.e. to perform a wide ranging and dynamic repertoire in a spirit of friendship.

Concordia tackles a diverse variety of styles derived from many different cultures.  Songs range from the 14th century to the present day and include classical pieces, madrigals, folksongs, spirituals, anthems, vocal jazz and other contemporary styles.  The choir has also sung songs in at least twelve different languages ranging from Danish to Samoan!

Although the ability to read music has great advantages, it isnít an essential requirement for choir members and fewer than half of the singers would claim to be musically literate.  It is hoped that, through regular rehearsal, singers will gradually find that they are able to increase their understanding of music notation.

Concordiaís first airing was singing Christmas carols for charity in the town shopping precinct,  where they were joined by the Harmony Men.  The tradition of singing carols for late night shoppers has been repeated every year and the singers are always joined by friends.

  The choirís first formal appearance was at the Guernsey Eisteddfod in February 1995 and in Jersey, it gave its first concert at the newly refurbished St.Aubinís Methodist Church the following April.  Again, a tradition the choir maintains. After a number of years of rehearsing in rather cramped premises and without a regular pianist, the choir finally found an excellent rehearsal venue in the Grainville School hall and, shortly after, welcomed Alan Hilton as official accompanist for all their concerts .




PROGRAMME:   The programme varies from season to season.  Over the years, Concordia has staged its own concerts in various local churches and parish halls, supported charity events at the Opera House and the Arts Centre, sung carols in the shopping precinct at Christmas and contributed choral items for many weddings.  The Jersey Heritage Trust has invited the singers to contribute entertainment at special events on a number of occasions. Concordia has also competed in both the Jersey and the Guernsey music festivals.  In 2008, it travelled beyond the Channel Islands for the first time to sing in Coutances in Normandy.  It now hopes to travel even further afield in 2010.  

Over the years, the choir has grown in stature, working hard to improve its technique and musical understanding and is now an established part of the islandís musical scene.  In October 2009, the fifteenth anniversary of the choirís formation will be celebrated by staging a major concert and reunion for former members.

MEMBERSHIP:    Choir members pay an annual subscription and are expected to attend all rehearsals. This is very important because choral singing is a team activity and the whole group depends on the contribution of each individual.  Membersí ages range from fourteen to over seventy.  

What is looked for is a youthful vocal quality and positive attitude toward the group.